1.3 Million

About 1.3-1.56 million couples undergo assisted reproductive surgery each year

100 Thousand

About 100,000 users choose overseas test-tube babies every year And overseas assisted reproductive services

60 Million
There are about 240 million couples of childbearing age in China. The incidence of infertility is 12.5% to 15%, and the total number of infertile users is about 60 million.
  • Online layout

    Online layout

    Internet "Reproductive Medicine Consortium"

    Wuzhen Internet Hospital

    Connect 2700 + hospitals, 260 000 + doc

  • Offline layout

    Offline layout

    Micromedicine General Clinic

    TCM Consortium, TCM Solution for Infertility and Infertility IVF Center, Pregnancy Center,

  • Global layout

    Global layout

    Acquisition of Hong Kong IVF Group

    Acquisition of Australian Biology Enterprises Genea Biomedx

  • Technology layout

    Technology layout

    AI+Assisted Reproduction Joint Zhejiang University to Build Ruiyi Medical Artificial Intelligence Research Center

Industrial layout

  • Technological lead

    Technological lead

    Big Data Platform Provides Data Support

    AI Technology Enabling Products

  • Global layout

    Global layout

    Expanding the global map, focusing on eight regions: the United States, Russia, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Japan, the United Kingdom and Australia

  • Inclusive public

    Inclusive public

    Accurate matching of doctors and hospitals to improve efficiency

    Course management, less detours, save heart and effort

    AI Assisted Diagnosis and Treatment System

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Industrial planning

Internet Women's and Children's Hospital

Maternal and Child Medicine Consortium Platform

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